Can Someone Be “Undecided” About God?

Can someone be “undecided” about God the same way someone can be undecided about other things?

It’s possible to be “undecided” on certain issues, such as the guilt or innocence of an accused criminal. However, one CANNOT be undecided about the Christian God. This is because the Christian God is worthy of worship, and not simply an acknowledgment of His existence. There are other things in life that we, also, cannot be undecided about. For example, a (human) father cannot be “undecided” about whether he will love his children or not. If he claims to be undecided but ignores his children, then he has, in effect, shown by his actions what his choice is. He has, essentially, chosen not to love his children. The same type of thing is true of the Christian God. God deserves our love, expressed as worship, and we either give it to Him or we do not. To be “undecided” about this is, essentially, to choose against loving God. So, although we can be undecided about the existence of certain possible gods (such as the god of deism), we cannot be undecided about the Christian God.

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