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Miracles For Muslims

Does God still do miracles today? Gulshan Fatima was born and raised in a prominent and devout Muslim family living in Pakistan. As an infant

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Hindu To Jesus Follower

At a young age, Rabi Maharaj advanced in his knowledge of Hinduism very quickly, thereby earning the respect of his Hindu community. However, while still

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Atheist To Christian

How does an atheist become a Christian? Lee Strobel describes his conversion in the following way._____________________ My wife’s conversion to Christianity (which deeply troubled me

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An Atheist Changes His Mind

In the early 21st century, Antony Flew was one of the most respected atheist philosophers in the world. Having spent a lifetime publishing philosophical arguments

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How an Atheist Led me to Jesus

Sarah Irving-Stonebraker arrived at Cambridge University convinced of her secular ideology and her perception that Christians were anti-intellectual and self-righteous. Her identity lay in her

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