Does Science Disprove God?

Does science disprove the existence of God, souls and the supernatural? The problem with answering this claim in the affirmative is that science, as it is currently defined, cannot acknowledge any evidence FOR the supernatural. This is because science simply assumes that supernatural causation does not occur (i.e. it assumes “methodological naturalism”). What this means is that science is not necessarily a search for truth but rather a search for the best explanation ASSUMING that natural causes are the only causes. Therefore, science cannot “prove” what it assumes. For an atheist to use science to disprove the supernatural is to simply make a circular argument.

The atheist Bradley Monton (professor of philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder) points this out.

“If science really is permanently committed to methodological naturalism, it follows that the aim of science is not generating true theories. Instead, the aim of science would be something like: generating the best theories that can be formulated subject to the restriction that the theories are naturalistic. More and more evidence could come in suggesting that a supernatural being exists, but scientific theories wouldn’t be allowed to acknowledge that possibility.”

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