Fake News – Fake Religion?

If it’s important for us to recognize that political leaders can say things that are factually incorrect, how much more important is it for us to recognize that religious leaders can do the same? If it’s important for us to get past “your truth” and “my truth” in the realm of politics, how much more should we emphasize this in the realm of life’s ultimate questions?

Many people are calling attention to the reality of fake news – that’s good because fake news can cause real harm. But “fake religion” can also cause real harm. The religions of the world make contradictory truth claims therefore they can’t all be correct; some of them must be “fake religion”. When it comes to politics we need to learn how to respectfully dialogue with those we disagree with in order to get to the truth. If we can do that in politics, why can’t we also do that in religion? If we think the truth is important in politics, why don’t we also think it’s important in religion?

Political issues and political decisions are certainly worthy of our time and attention for they affect the lives of real people. But religious decisions have an even bigger impact – in many cases, an eternal impact.

“And if the truth is atomized to the point where I can have my truth and you can have yours, then how can any of us actually have a conversation? Without a basic set of assumptions about what’s true, we have no starting point for the debates we engage in.”


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