Did Jesus Even Exist?

Did Jesus exist? It has become common amongst many New Atheists to deny that Jesus ever existed. Adherents of this position point to a tiny

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Is God Unjust?

Is God unjust? Many people feel that God fails to live up to basic standards of justice and fairness. This, they argue, is evident from

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An Atheist Changes His Mind

In the early 21st century, Antony Flew was one of the most respected atheist philosophers in the world. Having spent a lifetime publishing philosophical arguments

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Does Science Defeat Religion?

Does science defeat religion? Or does science defeat atheism? It is commonly believed that as science progresses, it continually battles with religion, and that inevitably

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The Human Soul

Unbeknownst to many who believe in physicalism (i.e. only physical things exist), philosophers generally agree that there is no good physical explanation for human consciousness.

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