What Does it Take for Someone to Lose Their Faith?

What does it take for someone to lose their faith?

Alister McGrath was studying science at Oxford University. He knew that God didn’t exist because clearly, if there really was evidence for God, science would have discovered it. And growing up in Northern Ireland during the 1960s, he had witnessed just how much violence religion could cause. To him, it seemed perfectly clear that a world free of religion would be a much better world.

While studying at Oxford University, Alister started expanding his horizons by taking a second look at Christianity. What he discovered surprised him and then something happened. Alister lost his faith in atheism. He realized that Christianity was not some intellectually vacuous belief system and that it actually made a lot of sense. After completing both a doctorate in molecular biophysics and a doctorate in theology (both at Oxford) he went on to teach at Oxford, Cambridge and Kings College London. He has devoted much of his life to explaining why Christianity makes sense.

For a short video (2 min) in which Dr. McGrath shares his story, see the link below.

http://www.4thought.tv/themes/what-would-make-you-lose-your-faith/alister-mcgrath — with Diana Gennelle Ciro.

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